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The promise of Advanced Plasma Lighting is here and Topanga is leading the revolution with its new solid-state-driven, energy efficient, electrode-free, high intensity light source. Designed to replace traditional metal electrode and glass HID lamps, Topanga's proprietary plasma lamps and engines are engineered to optimize light output, color, quality, life, energy efficiency, and overall performance. Topanga's breakthrough innovation has produced a novel system with high uniformity and energy efficiency that exceeds other light sources.

The history of plasma lighting can be traced to 1879 when Tesla presented radio frequency to a sphere of Argon gas. This technology was revived when compact radio frequency amplifiers became cost effective in recent years. In 2005, two radio frequency engineers began developing the technology to transfer energy through radio frequency into modern electrode-free lamps, producing a very bright light with extremely high color quality. With an exterior lamp on a simple post, Topanga's revolutionary modular design is small but robust, economical, and easily replaceable.

With efficiency and lamp life-test data that surpasses the brightest and longest lasting lamps currently on the market, Topanga™Advanced Plasma Lighting produces more uniform light output and a projected lifetime of 10 years, making it an efficient and economical choice for commercial lighting needs.

A privately owned company, Topanga USA is led by an experienced management team with strong backgrounds in radio frequency electronics and the lighting industry. Topanga USA headquarters are in Canoga Park, CA.