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Nordex_Booth_Light__Building_Frankfurt_2014_APL250_Nordex_Aventus_Center_Luminaire.jpgTopanga USA APL250 System Makes European debut at Light + Building 2014

Italian Design and American Ingenuity combine to create a new Fixture for Europe and beyond.

Nordex Lighting S.r.l. incorporates Advanced Plasma Lighting in its "Aventus APL" luminaire.

CANOGA PARK, CA-MARCH 30, 2014- Topanga USA and Nordex Lighting S.r.l. announce the debut of the Nordex Aventus APL at Light + Building 2014.  Aventus' sleek design is complimented by Topanga's compact, high brightness source to provide a fixture that not only looks good, but also gives energy efficiency and uniform light distribution.

Nordex targeted Topanga's APL250 as a source to replace 150 Watt HPS and 250 Watt Metal Halide in the European and Southeast Asian Markets. According to Behrouz Moini, CEO and Director of Nordex, "Because of its single point-source and optical efficiency, Topanga's Advanced Plasma Lighting gives superior distribution and uniformity when compared to designs using standard HPS, Metal Halide, and multiple point-source LED."

"Our Research and Development department continuously monitors developments throughout the world to sharpen our response towards any changes in the market place," said Moini.  "We adjust production and operations quickly to continuously reflect new levels of demand.  APL was a logical choice to meet our goals."

"We are thrilled that Nordex is capitalizing on the APL250," said Dr. Mehran Matloubian, President of Topanga USA. "In the US Market, Topanga is tasked to provide solutions at higher brightness levels--to replace 400 and 1000 Watt HID with Topanga APL400 and APL1000 systems.  We believe in our APL250 system and knew that with the right partner, it could find a worldwide market."

"Rather than focusing on 12 lane Superhighways or 100 foot High Mast solutions, Nordex is looking to light narrow, winding two lane roads where glare from lighting fixtures could cause serious issues for drivers and pedestrians. Let's face it, there are a lot of scenic, winding roads in Europe and Southeast Asia."

"Nordex is an excellent, established manufacturer with a very good idea of its target market.  We are proud to support them in developing the Aventus APL"

Creating the Aventus APL was literally a global effort. "We began discussions on fixture design in December, when Mr. Moini was in Southeast Asia."  "Topanga requested an actual fixture housing for evaluation. Two days later, a fixture arrived from Italy."

The Topanga applications engineering team worked closely with Nordex to incorporate the APL250 into the current Aventus design.  "Our main concern with APL is managing thermal dissipation from the RF driver," said Erik Lundin, Lead Applications Engineer for Topanga USA.  "The quality of the original Aventus design made it possible to easily retrofit an existing 250 Watt HID platform with the 135 Watt APL250 platform--with no modifications to form factor or design line."

"The fact that the APL250 was an easy fit opens up opportunities for higher brightness fixture development," said Moini. "Nordex is committed to putting 30% of our profits every year into R&D. Our commitment to invest in new machinery, moulds and products means we can quickly move forward to optimize the APL250-based fixture lines, and to integrate Topanga APL400 and APL1000 products into the Nordex line. Aventus APL is a great start."



Established in 1973, Nordex Lighting has been dedicating all its efforts in manufacturing a wide range of industrial light fittings. Today Nordex's commitment, dynamism and quality are helping to shape the future of the lighting industry.
As leaders in design and manufacturing Nordex plays an indispensable role in making new technology
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For industrial, commercial and general lighting, Topanga USA is the leading innovator of solid-state drivers and electrode-free plasma lamps, providing energy efficient, economical and reliable lighting solutions that surpass both traditional and newer technology platforms.  Founded in 2005, Topanga USA headquarters are in Canoga Park, CA.  For more information, visit www.topangatech.com


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